Marisol Blanco started the series, Healing Hearts of Nature and Imagine, with the intention of assisting children in discussing some of their most commonly experienced problems.  The stories have characters that go through experiences with which children can easily identify.  Although children can read the stories on their own, the books will be the most helpful if adults such as parents, teachers, or other persons, who interact with children, can make the readings and discussions part of a playful and entertaining activity.    

The Companion Guides for the books can be used as additional resources for adults and children with possible topics for discussion and ways to address them.  It can be used in a variety of settings such as daycare centers, home, or therapy sessions, and can be processed individually or in a group format. 

In an individual format, children might want to make drawings in response to questions such as those that inquire about thoughts and feelings.  Another possible way to use the books and the Companion Guides in an individual format would be to have the children role-play with the adult what the characters are experiencing and ways to do things differently.  Role-playing not only provides children with a great opportunity to laugh, but also helps them to develop skills and to practice them in a safe atmosphere.   

In a group format, games that are familiar to children might be used in conjunction with the books or Companion Guides to ask them to answer the questions.  An example of a game that is familiar to children would be “Hot Potato” or the “Musical Chair.”  Children can also make a skit where they can show what the characters did and what they can do to help the characters or themselves if they were in a similar situation.  Other coping skills can be introduced and discussed as children become more involved.  Using a familiar game or activity would help children to feel more comfortable in answering personal questions.   

Making use of the books and Companion Guides as an interactive, rather than as a solitary activity, is what would be the most effective in establishing an open communication with children and assisting them with their concerns.  As such, the spontaneity and creativity of adults is an essential part in this process.   However, the books or the Companion Guides, are not intended to replace any psychological services.                                     

Series of Therapeutic Books for Children

A Note From The Author of Healing Hearts of Nature